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Understanding where your Business needs today and planning five years ahead, are you ready to pay I.R.S Quarterly taxes or is that a few years away. Through providing a comprehensive plan, you can lower health care costs, allow for your children’s future through enhancing their education goals. Through providing your company service fit for a queen or King, you will see why we are followed, and our plans adopted worldwide. 


is your business better off financial the last three years our client's are... ask them


Fitzhugh-Perry Tax is a Phoenix, Arizona Enrolled Agent Firm focused on Tax Planning and accounting needs of small businesses in the Phoenix Metro area. With Key abilities for the micro business of sole Proprietor’s to enhance business profits through the reduction of taxes. through having a small client list working hand in in hand with clients. We at Fitzhugh-Perry and Associate’s pride ourselves on our ability to provide the client understanding of local state programs earmarked to aid the small business owner. 


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Our Method Starts with Understanding our client’s goals within their business and preparing a five-year forecast with key focus on building wealth within the client assets and the reduction of taxes. Through a comprehensive tax planning which changes due to the client’s life, your business grows as your family grows. with alternatives tax preparation techniques, we are able to provide guidance on local tax reducing programs offered to the state of Arizona Citizens. From there, we prepare your return after becoming familiar with you and your business needs. Through Providing Business Consulting, the Analyst of each important decision is weighted on your personal needs. As your Business Adviser we will assist you in Business planning and aid you with all legal requirements of filing within the state of Arizona. 

Our Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping



      Your Business is as unique as your finger print,  our services such as Reconciliation of Bank 

Accounts, Generation of income, Balance Statements, Ledger Management aid in the filing of both 

quartly and year end taxes.  

Reconiliation of Bank Accounts

      the a monthly review of your books we are able to provide you with all income and balance 

statements needed to grow your business. tracking all payments and addressing all issues that 

arise from having influx and outflow cash.  we feel that through addressing your future cash 

needs it affects your current cash requirments. 

Generation of Balance sheets and Income statements

     Through addressing your business cash requirments , allowing you to understand the point in 

time of your business. preparing you for the future, be it five years or twenty. the importance of 

money management allows the smart ones to be able to pay off expeneses with interest earned 

within the the financing portion of your business. As it is common knowledge that the poor of 

this world pay more then the rich. the amount you spend at this moment is enough to pay the 

future you business expenese. through Money Management and tracking all expeneses and 

payments it is possible for you to reduce costs and place those savings into financial tools that will 

bear interest.Hint if you don’t have a CD ladder paying off your expenese …or even worst if you 

don’t know what a cd ladder is…stop right know and call.  

Ledger Management

      Through our firms approach customized to your business needs, either light bookkeeping 

consulting or reviewing the functions of your companies C.F.O role and aiding with process 

development. Your industry is under U.S Gaap goverance and your books are as unique as your 

finger print, as an accounting and tax expert. Preparing your company for the worst possible

 outcome an I.R.S audit of your books. Your books will be of the highest standard and will be the 

envy at the i.r.s office.


Tax Planning and Preparation



According to the AICPA, the growing complexity of the multi-layer tax system the United States of America. Provides an “unprecedented opportunity” to demonstrate the value of tax services each accountant has to offer its clients. 

it’s more than just a return, it’s the foundation for financial and estate planning 

that will affect generations. while many see tax planning as an unneeded expense. it allows you to have a comprehensive approach to all events that could possible happen. providing a best cast and worst-case scenario. allowing for a what if analysis of your current tax plans. allowing for five, ten-year plans in which you must amend your business structure to provide additional aid to your family. 

New IRS, rules require any estate that must file form 706 to maintain a onsistent basis. understanding all ducks must be in a row, does not allow for anyone to be a rouge within your team. estate planning when done wrong, won’t last more than five years. The question that you ask yourself should be, if you see a lawyer to file a will. Why does a law firm pay an accounting firm to maintain their books and provide investment advice. 

What’s new, Is the power that the individual has over their life. the non-traditional self-directed Ira allows for the control of investments within your own accounts. having the protection from double taxation from a knowledgeable tax professional. the process and rules of itemizing, what can you deduct on this coming year tax returns. for a small business owner totaling up all your deductions can be quite troublesome. if you put in the time wouldn’t you be an accountant, to provide the correct amount. every year these deductions are unused in place many just chose to use the standard deductions. depending on your business needs, each case is a case bye case basis. many deductions like charitable contributions, mortgage interest along with work related expenses. the golden rule under the trump tax code is deductions cannot exceed 10% of your AGI. 

Tax preparation fees related to preparing a sole proprietor’s schedule c are deducted on the line for legal and professional fees. tax preparation fees related to preparing Schedule E for rental income and expenses are deducted on Schedule on the line for legal and professional fees. tax preparation fees related to preparing Schedule F for farm income and expenses are deducted on Schedule F under the section for other expenses. 

Tax preparations fees related to other parts of the tax return are deducted on Schedule A 

on line 22 as a miscellaneous itemized deduction. 

examples of deductions

fees for preparing a tax return

advice on tax planning

legal counsel on tax issues

legal fees for representation in a criminal tax matter

fees for a representation in a tax audit

fees for representation on tax collections

Payroll and Business Consulting



The primary objective in business is to grow it. defining your businesses along with being able to avoid common problem’s facing your industry. aiding in meeting your objectives through having an expert knowledge of business processes and functions. 

Focusing on

Cash Management

Liquidity issues are the biggest concern, through understanding the needs of your business. many issues can be addressed through re-formatting existing cash management methods allowing for the use of new technology.

Process Development

Many people fail to understand the importance of processes within their business function. As the foundation on many silo’s contained within the business itself, sustaining a competitive advantage starts with understanding your processes.

Human Resources

Your Greatest asset is the person in the mirror, understanding the nature of your industry allowing for a custom approach to you labor force needs are key in your success. through our accounting firms approach we enhance motivation and boost productivity. Allowing for your company’s strategy to empower your workforce.

Marketing Strategies

Defining your core customer base supporting your business expansion are key to your company’s future. through adapting new technology approaches available within the Arizona market, proven methods will be enacted to first out-line your goals and provide a solution within your budget.